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{EX}piration Dating – 10 Signs It’s Over.

I love legendary R&B Crooner Johnny Mathis. His toffee skin and perfectly quaffed hair are everything. If he were 30 years younger and a heterosexual we’d probably be married … or at least that’s how things play out in my … Continue reading

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If I Were A Boyyyyyyy … The Flip Side is everything! I am so obsessed with these. Seriously funny. 

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Here’s The Thing …

Relationships, and not necessarily romantic relationships, but relationships in general can be a steaming dysfunctional pile of misery and regret. I read a few days ago “that even business relationships can be unhealthy.” In love and in business you have to make … Continue reading

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I’m In Love with a Tipppperrrrr

@TipsForJesus this is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Wow.,,20762120,00.html

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“Strangers are the Prelude to friendship” … “This e-mail is a prelude to an episode of Snapped” – Pretty One (Sunshine Dickerson) #SunshineDickersonIsNOTMyName #YouTriedIt #WeCantBeFriends #InMyNormalVoice #HashTagAbuse  

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