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No Hands.No Feet. No Fetus.

What is it about a pregnancy or engagement that draws unsolicited correspondence? Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to offer a heartfelt mazel tov! But so help me Prada, enough is enough (yes, I’m talking to YOU … Continue reading

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A Dingo Ate My Bagel

        I never met a pastry, I did not like. And as a result, I spent most of my 20s as a pastry whore. It’s not something I’m proud of, but unfortunately it’s my cross to bear. … Continue reading

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Let’s Not And Say That We Didn’t

I was drinking my brunch this weekend when Showtime, a friend of Hollywood’s (my ex), wandered into my peripheral.  I waved hello as I motioned for my server to bring over another round of bubbly which in certain circles doubles as the … Continue reading

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What the Frock ?!?

I just received my new Cosmo, which oddly I was unaware I subscribed to, and I’m perplexed by this years “trends.” Most of which are Too legit – Too legit to … work :/Apparently, some of the hottest designers got caught in … Continue reading

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I’m Never Gonna Dance Again …

… Guilty feet I’ve got no rhythm. – George Michael What is it about a break-up that has the ability to stricken a reasonably sane individual (i.e., me) with temporary amnesia? Fresh off mine and Hollywood’s break-up I constantly find myself resisting … Continue reading

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Eat.Pray.Blog. ~ Lather.Rinse.Repeat.

I woke up Saturday morning looking and feeling phenom and thinking about “Eat.Pray.Love.” The entire week I’d been going back and forth with myself about the new film based on authoress Liz Gilbert’s life. Gilbert has an amazing story, but I … Continue reading

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